Current Events

In an effort to expand our students understanding of their global community, we are introducing “Current Events in the Classroom." Students bring in articles relevant to the week’s news or their interests. The news article can come from a newspaper, magazine or the internet. News articles are due on Friday, unless otherwise noted.

Students can use the following websites to research:

Students are assigned international, national, state or local news. Please read and discuss the news item with your child. The student will answer the following questions on an index card (or any other paper you have available at home):

What is the main idea/topic of the articleWhy did I (the student) choose this article?Write at least three sentences describing important highlights in the article.

Please allow your student to prepare the index card questions/responses themselves – sounding out the words and attempting to write complete sentences. You can help correct any spelling, wording, capitalization and/or punctuation errors.

Your child needs to be able to summarize the article for his/her peers. The students will turn in their current events on Fridays, but will present the events throughout the following week so that we can hear one event per day.

Following the presentation, the index card and the article will be displayed in our classroom or the hallway.

*Please note that not all weeks are included due to school conflicts. We will follow this schedule closely so have your students ready for their assigned Friday.

For the complete schedule, click below.